Articly is an App that takes out all the Newsletters from your email, 

brings you customized content, whenever and wherever you want to read.

The Problem

Dana is a 34 years old Graphic Designer. she’s subscribed to many newsletters from design magazines and websites. She loves to sit down with a huge cup of coffee, read articles and catch up on the latest news and updates.

Dana has been on maternity leave for the past six months. ever since she gave birth she is so busy with the baby, she can barely finish the first coffee of the morning.

All of Dana’s emails from her favorite newsletters stayed unread and she feels a terrible FOMO. she can’t find the time and power to go through her emails and dig out the relevant and interesting content.

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The Solution

Articly is a Newsletters App. the user can choose exactly which content he wants to read, with minimum overload of irrelevant emails and articles. When subscribing to a new newsletter, the user chooses his interest, his preferred time and location to get the newsletter, and more.

User Research

I interviewed a few potential users. I wanted to learn about their Newsletters habits, like how many subscriptions they have, when and where they like to read, do they read on their mobile or desktop, and do they also feel FOMO when they see all the unread emails.

“Newsletter is doing the hard work for me. All I need to do is make the time to sit down and read it”

-Michal Ninburg, Senior Product Designer, Newsletter’s Editor of the Facebook Community “Startup Designers”.

“Yes. Endless FOMO”

-Yael Negra, Newsletter’s editor of the Facebook community “Hamitapistiot”, Economist and Content Editor.

“I’m subscribed to about 150 newsletters, obviously I don't read all of them. I read in the mornings or on initiated breaks like my lunch break”

-Liron Lavi Turkenich, Design Entrepreneur, Fonts Designer and Letters Researcher.

“The Problem is that there’s no curator in newsletters, there’s so much junk. i’d rather have 3 good articles than a bombing of content”

-Tal Solomon Vardi, Product Designer and Uncoated Magazine founder and editor.

Competitive Analysis

I looked for Apps that dealing with newsfeeds, information and newsletter’s managing. I learned about their features and behavior. This is what I found:

  • Saving every article / video / file from your browser into pocket.

  • The main feature is "My List".

  • Articles reading can be done on an app layout or on a link to the original source.

  • There is an audio listening option.

  • Pocket's social media - the user can search people to follow by popular users, my contacts, and twitter integration.

  • I liked the saving option from anywhere. the files sharing is very comfortable, and saving an article is very easy.

  • The main articles feed layout is not good enough, looks like a list more than a feed.

  • Newsfeed app with two main features: my feed and explore feed.

  • The layout can change by "view" and "density".

  • No social network in the app. the user can save favorites articles into "Boards".

  • There are three different types of explore - too many.

  • I liked the minimalism, the easy and clear navigation.

  • No integration, share or collaboration options. the "Read Later" feature needs to be more complex cause it's too similar to the "Boards" feature. logo.png
  • Newsletters management app, outside your mailbox without reading or sharing.

  • Homepage have three actions for managing emails: move to "rollup", keep in inbox, unsubscribe.

  • I liked the "Rollup" feature that bundles all of the user's chosen newsletters and sends me one general email once a day (according to my preferences).

  • Downside: the whole app is three actions regarding my emails subscription. perhaps more features would make the app more interesting and would keep the user inside the app longer.

User Flow


In the Explore feature, the user can find and subscribe to new newsletters. When subscribing, the user goes through a quick questionnaire to help the App learn about his interests and preferences, so it can offer him a customized and better experience of content consumption.


Once the user has chosen an article to read from the main feed, he can save it to his “Favorites” folder, which is also divided into smaller folders inside. When the article is saved, he can come back to read it later when the time is right.


The main reason I wanted to create this App was my personal pain point - the lack of spare time to sit down and read my newsletters. One solution I found is machine learning of the best time for the user to read his articles. The feature will alert the user by push notification and remind him there are articles waiting for him to read, when notice this is a good timing for him, according to the preferences the user sets.



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