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Dealtale's App Redesign

Enhancing user experience and interface after acquiring Dealtale

About Dealtale

Dealtale is a data platform for marketers. By creating AI-based reports, users can analyze, optimize, and monitor all their data sources and customer touchpoints in one place.

Why Redesign? 

Dealtale has acquired by VIANAI in April 2022. For me as a solo Product Designer at VIANAI it was a huge challenge. The app had been running for about a year and used by 25 customers.

The Challenge

The main challenge in changing the user experience for users is ensuring a smooth and positive transition without disrupting their existing usage patterns or causing frustration. We had a long list of features and flows that needed to be revised, which meant that every change was deep and complex, involving product, development, and business perspectives.

Research - event tracking and users' interviews

Together with the Product team we researched and studied the app, started mapping out the main problems we wanted to address in order to improve the user experience. First we implemented event tracking in the product, which helped us understand which areas are more in use than others. Another method we found useful was users interviews. This way we could gather qualitative insights about their experiences, needs, and pain points.

Business objectives: what are we hoping to achieve?

  • Reduce churn and retain existing users.

  • Encourage users to return to the app regularly

  • Increased revenue growth by Attract new users to the app

  • Reduce user frustration by improving usability.

Usability: Enhance data control and monitoring

"Having so many features and possible directions led to cognitive load and frustration"

The first issue we wanted to address was the flood of information. Dealtale’s app suggested many options for creating, analyzing, and consuming data, without a clear hierarchy. Charts, reports, and dashboards lack filters and sorting, causing users to scroll endlessly through the items and feel disorientated. Moreover, the app didn’t have any homepage in which the user could see his top viewed items, which also contributed to the friction.

Library section,Favorite icon, and Homepage

Replacing the former view of endless scroll, the user can now arrange the data in folders, and sort the items by type, dates and creators. We also added a Favorite icon to each item, that the user can select and quick filter later, to save extra time and effort.

Library changes-1.png

This new section shows the recent four items of each kind: dashboards, charts, and reports. From the homepage, the user can also create new items quickly.

Homepage changes-2.png

Visual appeal and consistency

"Changing the visual aspect of the app can have a significant impact on overall satisfaction with the product"

Along with the usability changes, the entire app’s interface needed to be modified as well. The design was very outdated and inherently lacked an organized design system.

Design system alignment and integration


User Testing

Luckily, Dealtale is a monitoring and analyzing tool, so we created a special in-house account to collect data about the usage of our users in the different features. It helped us gain insights regarding the significance of each feature and measure its success. In addition, we conducted interviews with a few users to hear their opinions about the changes we made and to get more information about future requirements.

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